Sunday, July 20, 2008

more images of recent sculpture

more images of sculpture:
The reddish leaf pattern is one of a pair of relief pieces in earthen plaster, which were done to decorate side panels on one of the performance stages at the Kerrville folk festival in Kerrville, Texas. It was a shared project that came out of a decorative plasters workshop at the Texas Natural Building Colloquium — many folks took part, all drew up various ideas, and the group chose this pattern, which is one I’ve been working and re-working in various materials and various settings for several years. This is the biggest!


evalarevolution said...

The detail at the top of the wooden wheat sculpture is SO nice. The look is organic like you and nature harmonized together. How tall are these two sculptures?

Anonymous said...

Earth Sculpture in South Africa

Almost every country in the world has one; an ancient or contemporary man made Earthwork representing deep spiritual feelings or as an Art form, etc.

The 'Mama Africa' of Soekershof; Private Mazes & Botanical Gardens in South Africa is dedicated to the African Continent and its people.

Staff and management of Soekershof worked together in the excavagation (with wheelbarrows) of the 3 metres high, 7 metres wide and 16 metres long object .

Hopefully 'mama' is going to make history in Africa.

And very soon a 4.5 metre high laminated wooden cactus is erected as a Landmark on another heep somewhere in one of the gardens

'Soekershof' (meaning Seekers Garden) goes beyond every perception of ordinary 'landscaping'. It is a huge (25 acres) large 'eternal monument' in continuous making; strongly based in local less priviliged communities in Robertson, Western Cape, South Africa. Its income is generated from admission fees of visitors, the own succulent plant nursery and the workshops. Unlike many other projects Soekershof is not sponsored or subsidised. Soekershof is one of the only 41 'enterprises' in South Africa with a certificate of Fair Trade in Tourism in South Africa. Investment in local communities is slowly paying of; first artist (wire artist Joey) already with work (from very small to a 4.5 metres high mountain with 18 km wire) in private collections, galleries and museums in virtually every country in the world.

Soekershof is not designated for mass tourism but focusses itself on the personal experience of each individual visitor. This too makes this venue fairly unique in a world where tourism attractions increasingly go for the numbers.