Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blogging and Publishing

As of March, 2010, I'm consolidating all my blog posts here, at Hand Print Press, which now also has pages where anyone can submit posts on topics related to earth ovens, community earthen art projects, learning-by-doing, Making Things, and the like. Publishing originally meant the simple act of taking a story to the public so it could be shared, amended, learned from, improved. In those days, "the media" consisted of true crafts — sculpture, painting, song, dance, theater — it's only recently that "media" has been limited to print, paper, and now, bits and bytes. But people are still people, despite the growth of industries that would reduce us to mere "consumers." At Hand Print Press, we're trying to use privatized linguistic cyber-tools (aka the web) to support the arts of fabrication, discourse, and story, and to nourish living crafts and public health — it's all learning by doing.